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Arastane-Siryphia has started a donation pool!
6,280 / 16,000

I'm taking MLP FiM Pony Commissions only!

Closed PComms by Enjoumou No Trades by Enjoumou No Requests by Enjoumou

To Do List

1. Closed

(The order can vary, it depends on the difficulty of the character.)

:bulletgreen: - In Progress
:bulletred: - Not Started

If you want, you can send me a note and I'm going to let
you know when I'm open again!~

Waiting List:


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Be sure to read everything attentive if you want one!

Pony Icon Commissions

Price for one icon - 500 :points: (= 5$) (I take points only.)


-YCH- Ivory Bolt Icon -2015- by Arastane-Siryphia -PC- Forest Flame Icon -2015- by Arastane-Siryphia -PC- Crystal Vision Icon -2015- by Arastane-Siryphia -PC- Slashing Prices Icon -2015- by Arastane-Siryphia -PC- Midnight Devilwitch Blingbling Icon -2015- by Arastane-Siryphia
-Gift- Laser Beam Icon -2015- by Arastane-Siryphia -Gift- Ruby Icon -2015- by Arastane-Siryphia -Gift- Brasher Icon -2015- by Arastane-Siryphia -PC- The Nameless Queen Icon -2015- by Arastane-Siryphia -PC- Luhnar Icon -2015- by Arastane-Siryphia

They will be 500x500px. (If wanted, I can give you a 50x50px one too.)

-> Full shaded with a simple color background.

(The background will be like the ones shown above, nothing else.)

Please fill out this form when you're interested and sending a note!

Link To The Reference Picture:
Preferred Expression:
Front View or Profile View:
Background Color:
Anything Else:
(Is there something else I need to know? If not, then leave it blank please.)


- Pony Headshots only (there can be a bit of the hoof or wings too, but nothing else)
- Pay before I'm going to start your commission, no payment, no picture
- No high detailed characters or accesoires (like helmets etc.)
- No re-uploading without my written permission
- You can use this icon where ever you want

I will give you a rough sketch WIP of the icon, then you can tell me if you want something changed etc.,
you will get no refund when I finished the picture and you're unsatisfied (because you had the chance
to tell me the things you don't like etc.).

If I feel uncomfortable with your commission, then I'm free to reject it, this doesn't mean that I don't
like your character, but don't feel like drawing it. Don't take it personally please.

It can take some time to finish one picture, even if it's an icon only because I'm always trying to do
my best, I also got other things to do then just sitting here and drawing, please don't rush me.

If interested, then please send me a note!

(If I'm not able to finish your commission, then of course you will get back the full refund of your points!)

Status / Slots can be seen on my profile page!
Be sure to read everything attentive if you want one!

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Digital Point Commissions



Outlines - 200 :points: + 150 for a second one
Flat Colored - 350 :points: + 300 for a second one
Shaded - 500 :points: + 450 for a second one

Full Body

Outlines - 500 :points: + 450 for a second one
Flat Colored - 750 :points: + 700 for a second one
Shaded - 1000 :points: + 950 for a second one


-CM- Cheese Sandwich -2014- by Arastane-Siryphia   -CM- Coco Pommel by Arastane-Siryphia   -PC- Lib Quire Um -2015- by Arastane-Siryphia -PC- Maple Blush -2015- by Arastane-Siryphia

More examples: arastane-siryphia.deviantart.c…

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Digital Steam Commissions

The price depends on the character I have to draw, more details, colors etc. = higher price.

Steam commissions may be limited, because I need particular games only,
ask before please.

Will draw:

Ponies. (Almost everything, just ask or look at the "won't draw" section.)

Won't draw:

18+ related stuff
Yaoi (I'm fine with Yuri though.)
High detailed characters or backgrounds (detailed clothes, weapons etc.)

Pay before I will start your commission, no payment - no picture.
(I will send you a rough sketch WIP too.)

When I feel uncomfortable with your commission, then I'm allowed to reject it,
when I'm not able to finish it, then of course you will get back your full refund.
(Counts for point commissions only, when I'm not able to finish your Steam
commission, then you can give me an other free commission.
(Another character, more time etc.).

Don't rush me, every artist needs time to finish their work.

Please don't complain about my prices, I put a lot of time and effort into my pictures
and I think the prices are pretty fair.

If you're interested, then please send me a note with all the informations!

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Midnight-Devilwitch Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2015
hey are your icon point commissions open?
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mark963 Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2015
Your art is very beautiful! Keep it up ^-^
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pa-a Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello! Are you currently accepting commissions? I have a couple characters that I would love it if you drew them^^

If not, it's okay! Sorry to bother you xD
(1 Reply)
Keybladeguy Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
would you perhaps be willing to do other commissions for me? I really like the one you did for me, and there were a few others I wanted to ask about...
(1 Reply)
gigi50 Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer

:wave: Welcome to :iconbeyond-the-art: 
Thank you for choosing and joining our group! 
We are very happy to have you and your art! 
Please feel free to browse our galleries and submit your works. 
We look forward to your submissions
Please do familiarize yourself with our Home page :hug:

Do add us to your watch for journals to see the features

 and latest news :w00t:

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